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A Walk through Parenting
About A Walk Through Parenting
Come. Walk with me through parenting. Our exploration of parenting will be like taking a walk through a magnificent garden accompanied by a master gardener. As the two of you explore the various paths that wind through an array of plants, your companion explains why some plants are growing and becoming objects of beauty while others are withering and dying. She helps you avoid the rose thorns that try to snag you…. As you exit the garden, you find yourself filled with the confidence that future walks through this and other gardens will be more enjoyable because of your new knowledge.

Think of me as your personal guide and this book as a series of paths through parenting. Together we will explore paths that will sharpen your understanding of your child from birth through the elementary grades. I will help you avoid the thorns of parenting. I will give you a variety of parenting techniques and explain when and how to use them. You will learn that no one technique solves all parenting challenges. Therefore you will select, from an array of parenting techniques, the ones that meld with your values and are appropriate for your child. Our last walk will take you through the steps needed to create a parenting plan that is uniquely yours. You will leave fillled with the confidence that, because of our walk together, your parenting experiences will become easier and more enjoyable.”

Our walk will enable you to do the following:
Explore the Bases of Parenting (Paths 1 and 3) …
Accumulate Appropriate Responses (Paths 4 through 8)
Develop a Competent Child (Paths 3, 9 and 10)
Share responsibilities. (Path 11)
Develop a parenting plan (Path 12)

The process of creating a personal parenting plan is designed to encourage discussion between the parents. It allows for individuality while maintaining the components of good parenting. The plan will make parenting more enjoyable.
You will select from an array of parenting techniques that meld with your values and are appropriate for your child. 
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Selected excerpts from the book 
About Ruth Ann Brinkmann, PhD
The intertwining of Dr. Brinkmann’s life experiences – education, parenting, teaching, and working with parents - provide a strong basis for writing this book on parenting. She earned a doctorate in educational psychology from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, with a strong focus on cognitive development, learning theory and child psychology. She was a stay-at-home mom for nine years, before balancing parenting and working full time teaching child psychology and childcare classes on college and university campuses. Her interest in applied psychology culminated in a commitment to helping parents. As a volunteer, she developed and taught parenting classes for Southern Illinois Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois. She also served as a mentor for a Mothers of Preschool group and was a presenter at numerous parenting workshops. Dr. Brinkmann brings a wealth of understanding to the parenting process and to this book.
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